Exclusive twin houses - Pogórze near Gdynia

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We would like to inform you that we have commenced the sale of VERDE twin houses as part of the OGRODY TESORO estate project.
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The prices provided are valid until 01.03.2024r.

NumberGarageRoof typeAreaGarden areaCommissioning
7.2without garageClassic122 m2237 m2ready for commissioningsee offer
6.2with garageClassic126 m2238 m2X.2024see offer
6.1with garageClassic126 m2237 m2X.2024see offer
4.1with garageClassic126 m2230 m2VII.2024see offer
3.1without garageClassic122 m2199 m2ready for commissioningsee offer
2.2with garageClassic126 m2196 m2inquire at the officesee offer
2.1with garageClassic126 m2196 m2inquire at the officesee offer
1.2without garageMansard119 m2169 m2inquire at the officesee offer
1.1without garageMansard119 m2280 m2inquire at the officesee offer
5.1without garageClassic122 m2238 m2sold
7.1without garageClassic122 m2273 m2sold
5.2without garageClassic122 m2243 m2sold
4.2with garageClassic126 m2224 m2sold
9.2without garageMansard119 m2509 m2sold
9.1without garageMansard119 m2396 m2sold
8.2with garageClassic126 m2367 m2sold
8.1with garageClassic126 m2272 m2sold
3.2without garageClassic122 m2283 m2sold

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Automatically opening gate by reading license plates

Intelligent 24-hour monitoring

Free WiFi throughout the park area

Fiber-optic internet connection provided

Service of a private gardener taking care of your garden

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