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Apartment for Rental Investment

Invest in an apartment intended for rental on the Ogrody Tesoro estate, and we will guide you through the entire purchasing process comprehensively.

Together with our team of specialists, we have created a unique and extensive offer, ensuring that every client interested in making an investment purchase feels fully supported.

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The purchase of a residential unit in the Ogrody Tesoro estate with the purpose of renting it out is a proposal for lucrative profit. 

We have prepared an offer that allows for minimizing the investor’s involvement while maximizing the security of the entire rental process.
This is a priority for which we take full responsibility.


We begin the rental process with a conversation, where we extensively discuss expectations regarding future tenants. At the same time, we share our knowledge and experience to ensure a successful outcome.


We prepare the apartment for a professional photo session by arranging home staging to enhance the quality of the offer.


We create marketing materials that visually and substantively showcase the product.


We conduct professional presentations of the apartment, during which we verify potential tenants.


We remain at your disposal throughout the entire duration of the lease agreement.


At your request, we expand the offer to include the service of managing the residential property.

The rental process

We are learning about the expectations regarding future tenants.

We share knowledge and experience.

We are preparing the apartment for a photoshoot and creating marketing materials.

We conduct a professional presentation of the apartment for rent.

We take responsibility for processing contracts.

We remain at your disposal throughout the rental period.

Option to expand the offer to include property management services.

The Tesoro Gardens Estate is an exceptional investment that attracts people from all over Poland, Europe, and the United States. Therefore, I encourage you to purchase a residential property for rental purposes. By doing so, you will gain:


a premium apartment with the option to build a pool, catering to a niche in the rental market


good profitability


tenants with a mature profile, stable financial situation, and a preference for living in a peaceful neighborhood


investment in the Tricity area, which constitutes the most desirable location for living in Poland

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