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The given prices are valid until 05.04.2024r.
Currently for sale: Phase IV

VI.13.22/3176 m2V.2024see offer
VI.16.22/3156 m2V.2024see offer
VI.17.13/4088 m2176 m2V.2024see offer
VI.216.23/4171 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.217.23/4171 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.218.13/4079 m2254 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.218.23/4171 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.219.13/4079 m2270 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.219.23/4171 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.220.23/4171 m2VIII.2024see offer
VI.321.13/4088 m2313 m2III.2025see offer
VI.321.23/4178 m2III.2025see offer
VI.322.12/3066 m2295 m2III.2025see offer
VI.322.22/3156 m2III.2025see offer
VI.323.23/4178 m2III.2025see offer
VI.324.12/3066 m2283 m2III.2025see offer
VI.324.22/3156 m2III.2025see offer
VI.325.13/4088 m2313 m2III.2025see offer
VI.325.23/4178 m2III.2025see offer
VI.326.12/3066 m2247 m2III.2025see offer
VI.326.22/3156 m2III.2025see offer
VI.39.12/3066 m2129 m2III.2025see offer
VI.39.22/3156 m2III.2025see offer
VI.310.13/4088 m2244 m2III.2025see offer
VI.310.23/4178 m2III.2025see offer
VI.311.12/3066 m2129 m2III.2025see offer
VI.311.22/3156 m2III.2025see offer
VI.312.23/4178 m2Sold
VI.18.22/3156 m2Sold
VI.15.13/4088 m2222 m2Sold
VI.17.23/4178 m2Sold
VI.312.13/4088 m2334 m2Sold
VI.220.13/4079 m2304 m2Sold
VI.323.13/4088 m2356 m2Sold
VI.217.13/4079 m2283 m2Sold
VI.15.23/4178 m2Sold
VI.214.13/4088 m2368 m2Sold
VI.214.23/4178 m2Sold
VI.216.13/4079 m2391 m2Sold
VI.213.12/3066 m2190 m2Sold
VI.215.13/4079 m2376 m2Sold
VI.215.23/4171 m2Sold
VI.213.22/3156 m2Sold
Area from 56m2 to 166m2

Single and duplex

A modern covered and lighted parking space included in the price
Intelligent 24/7 monitoring
Free WiFi in the park

Fiber-optic internet connection included

The service of a private gardener taking care of your garden

Option for a garden pool

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